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Resin-bonded Diamond Dicing Blade and Diamond Blade Information

Dicemasterģ resin-bonded universal diamond dicing blades are state-of-the-art in diamond grinding technology. Dicemaster diamond blades are designed to:
  • Chip less
  • Run cooler
  • Last longer
  • Cut with closer tolerances than any other dicing blade on the market.
  • Self Sharpening
  • Provide Consistent Reliability
Thermocarbonís continuous research and development on hubless blade compositions allows Thermocarbon to consistently produce high quality saw blades for cutting ceramics such as alumina oxide, alumina nitride, LTCC, HTCC; crystals such as sapphire, lithium niobate, lithium tantalate; other hard and brittle materials such as glass, fused silica, quartz, silicon wafers, garnet, copper, mold compound, and epoxy.

Whether your product is ICs, CSP, MLF, QFN, DFN, BGA, PCB, or MEMS, you will be impressed with superior cut quality, long blade life, and throughput achieved using Thermocarbonís tailor made matrices to cut your substrates.

Thermocarbon offers the following Dicing Diamond Blade Types:

In addition to a complete line of standard diamond blades, Thermocarbon offers speciality configurations, diameters and thicknesses to meet your most demanding requirements.

dicemaster and blade master are high quality diamond blades

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